Old system of teaching how to use digital tools

We all know that...

  • Studying a manual is not the most effective way to learn how to use a digital tool.
  • Theoretical training is not enough to retain knowledge.
  • Only continued practice allows the learner to develop proficiency with digital tools.

We create training environments that enable training with new software

  • The student accesses a simulator with interfaces and interactivities identical to real software applications.
  • Practice at your own pace, without any risks You'll quickly learn to master the tool and get the most out of it.
New system of teaching digital tools

9 out of 10 companies believe that employees are not adequately trained on digital tools

CWJobs 2020 Report

Accurate feedback on their successes and failures

  • During the training, the student receives feedback on his or her successes and mistakes in handling the application.
  • The student is guided in a personalised manner, thus facilitating rapid learning.

IT management receives accurate metrics on the organisation's level of training

  • Identify specific areas in which training needs to be reinforced.
  • You can decide whether it is necessary to improve the usability of some functionalities.

Obtain accurate metrics