How to lead work teams

Learn the fundamental techniques of effective leadership and the keys to people management

Customer service and sale closing

How to give excellent phone attention and close sales

You'll build your clients' loyalty and increase your phone sales

Feedback - Performance appraisal

How to give feedback to a collaborator

You will learn how to conduct a successful performance appraisal interview

Customer service

Improving customer service over the phone

You will learn the keys to increasing customer satisfaction

Prospecting sales interviews

Improving the effectiveness of prospecting telephone sales interviews

You will master the techniques that will allow you to improve the rate of prospecting sales interviews with potential clients

Consultative selling

Develop the key skills of Consultative Selling

You will increase your effectiveness in consultative selling, improving your sales ratio

Closing the sale

How to close sales successfully

Learn and internalise a methodology that will allow you to significantly increase your sales closing ratio

Setting objectives

Improving the effectiveness of the objective-setting interview

Master the technique to effectively communicate objectives to your collaborators

Tracking objectives

How to lead a objective-tracking meeting

If you want to ensure the achievement of your employees' objectives, this course is for you

Conflict management

Conflict management

Master the techniques to be able to redirect conflict towards a constructive solution

Managing meetings

How to lead successful meetings

Learn how to manage successful meetings, creating a good climate of collaboration and being efficient in the use of resources

Persuasion and Influence

How to be more persuasive and influential

Learn the techniques that will enable you to influence the way others think, feel or act


How to negotiate successfully

Master the techniques that will allow you to reach beneficial and long-lasting agreements

The job interview

Learn the keys to succeeding in a job interview

Train yourself with our Virtual Interviewer

Virtual sales

How to increase your sales effectiveness with virtual sales

Learn how to integrate virtual selling in order to increase your sales

Productivity - Time management

How to improve your time management and personal productivity

Learn the techniques that will allow you to regain control of your time, eliminate your stress and improve your productivity


How to use Linkedin to improve your sales efficiency

Learn how to use Linkedin to generate more commercial leads and support the closing of your sales