Aimed at
This course is aimed at all those who attend to clients on the phone.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Master the keys of good attention
  • Connect emotionally with the other person
  • Take advantage of good attention to arouse interest in your solutions or products
  • Master the techniques of influential sales arguments
  • Distinguish between excuses and real objections
  • Use the appropriate technique to overcome objections
  • Identify the appropriate moment to close the sale
  • Carry out quality sales which will build your clients' loyalty

We are going to explain to you a method which will allow you to give magnificent phone attention and later close sales when you make a sales proposal to your client.

Later, you'll be able to practice the technique with a client, Pilar Sánchez, who will call you to solve various problems with her contract. You'll discover that you have the chance to offer her some products from your portfolio. If you apply the technique correctly, maybe Pilar will buy from you.

This methodology will allow you to add behaviours and arguments to your day-to-day which will increase your sales ratio.

Skills to be acquired
Empathy, politeness and a service spirit

You will put yourself in the customer's shoes, creating a relationship of loyalty and trust.

Clarity in your explanations

You will present the proposals in a clear and organised way so that your client will understand.

Control of the call

You'll organise the call in order to make an appropriate argumentative explanation and with a guiding thread in accordance with the aims set.

Active listening and capacity to sound out

you'll understand the needs of the client by asking relevant questions and making him feel listened to.

Handling of objections

You will avoid confrontations and take advantage of discrepancies and doubts to present a shared solution.

Commercial orientation and persuasion skills

You will be able to convince your clients to believe in what you tell them.

  • 1. I'll explain to you the best practice
  • 2. The keys to good attention
  • 3. The steps you have to take to provide good attention
    • Connect as soon as possible with the other person
    • Identify the motive of the call
    • The keys to a good analysis
    • How to communicate the solution
    • Verify the client's satisfaction to anchor feelings
  • 4. Selling is improving the client's situation
  • 5. Start off the sales advice on the right foot
  • 6. Sales sounding out
  • 7. A winning sales proposal
  • 8. Managing objections - key techniques
    • Why do objections arise?
    • Why do we suffer with objections?
    • Steps to follow to not go blank
    • Prepare your body posture to reply to objections
    • You are faced with 3 types of objections
    • Use this technique to deal with excuses
    • Use this technique to reply to any real objection
    • How to reply to doubts
  • 9. The final stage: follow-up and goodbye