Our difference

We are consultants capable of transforming raw content into training courses with impact: we engage learners and help them retain their learning.

Training courses


We deliver 100% vetted content, meeting our high quality standards.


We are not IT specialists, we are consultants. We give you honest advice so as to meet your needs in the most efficient and effective way possible.


We propose the most appropriate didactic resources taking into account the training objectives and the need to engage with the student.

Our development process


Definition of needs

We understand your training objectives.

We analyse the available documentation and the style manual.

We propose different options to approach the project


Pedagogical adaptation

We seek to create useful and attractive content

The student's experience must be interactive and simple in order to capture their interest.


Virtualisation of content

Virtualisation includes all types of devices: PC, tablet and mobile.

We use authoring tools that facilitate the updating of content.


Review and Testing

Rigorous technical and usability testing ensures a quality final product.

We do not deliver half-finished work, nor do we expect the client to correct our texts.


Project Delivery

Content is delivered in formats ready for publication in any LMS.