Aimed at
The course is aimed at professionals from any sector, middle managers, managers who need to manage teams.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Generate a climate of trust with your collaborator in order to obtain the best results from the interview
  • Prioritise the most important aspects of the assessment
  • Understand the importance of the person being assessed expressing his or her opinions
  • Communicating your feedback without demotivating the person being assessed
  • Manage conflictive situations
  • Keeping the interview under control
  • Developing a specific and result-oriented action plan
  • Obtain a commitment from the person being assessed to comply with the agreements reached

In the first stage, which lasts approximately one hour, we explain the best practice of the technique You will learn the keys to the feedback process, which consist of 7 steps.

As we don't want you to forget what you have learnt, you will then practice real interviews with two avatars: Ana González and Carlos Ortiz. Ana is the head of the IT department and Carlos is an Area Manager. Each has a different personality. You will have to adapt your communication style to be able to connect with them. During the training you will put into practice the technique you have learnt in order to get a good score. The Practikalia Experience methodology will make you internalise the learning quickly.

Skills to be acquired

You will create a friendly atmosphere that will generate a collaborative spirit.

Active listening

You will understand what your collaborator tells you, both explicitly and implicitly.

Communication adapted to the other person

You will use language that the employee will feel familiar with and close to their situation.

Control of the interview

You will develop all the points of the interview, achieving the objectives and meeting the estimated time.

Precise and action oriented

You will achieve the objectives you set yourself.

Handling of objections

You will avoid confrontations and take advantage of discrepancies and doubts to present a shared solution.

Motivational skills

You will make the collaborator get involved to the maximum with the agreed solutions.

  • 1. Introduction to the course
  • 2. The key stages in the appraisal interview
    • Let's review the process
  • 3. Preparation beforehand: the key to success
    • Preparing for the interview
    • Organising background information
    • How to invite the collaborator to the meeting
  • 4. The creation of a climate of trust
    • Creating a climate of trust
    • Guidelines for creating a good climate
    • The importance of bridging phrases
    • The technique for maintaining control of the interview
  • 5. Self-assessment: the collaborator's opinion
    • Self-assessment: how to know what your collaborator's opinion is
    • Questions that generate participation
  • 6. Feedback: how to communicate our opinion
    • How to communicate our evaluation
    • The feedback technique
    • How to manage conflicts
  • 7. The action plan: the outcome of the interview
    • The importance of a good action plan
    • The key elements of the action plan
  • 8. Closure and engagement: aligning expectations
    • How to achieve the collaborator's commitment
    • The keys to the technique
  • 9. Follow-up: the key to implementation
    • Follow-up facilitates the success of the plan
    • The keys to a good follow-up process

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Team Leader Insurance Sector
Rating - Star Rating - Star Rating - Star Rating - Star Rating - Star

The simulations are so real that it's as if you were doing the interview

Team Leader Fashion Company
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The practices allowed me to learn quickly

Reinsurance Company Manager
Rating - Star Rating - Star Rating - Star Rating - Star Rating - Half Star

The simulations are great They are like life itself.