Aimed at
The course is aimed at anyone who has to manage teams.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Creating the right context to ensure that your collaborator is receptive during the meeting
  • Analysing in depth the reasons for deviations from the plan
  • Providing developmental, corrective or reinforcing feedback
  • Define an action plan that ensures the necessary impact in order to achieve the initially set objectives
  • Obtain the maximum commitment from the collaborator to implement the agreed measures

In the first stage of the course, you will learn the keys to the six stages that make up an objectives follow-up meeting. To do this, we will explain the best practice of a target follow-up meeting.

Once you have understood the theory, it's time to practice You will have to meet with Alicia and Raul, two of your collaborators, to check the evolution of the objectives you set in your previous meeting.

If you want to achieve a high score, you will have to listen to their opinions, analyse the situation, help them establish an action plan and manage to motivate them to carry it out.

Thanks to this methodology, based on intensive training, you will see how quickly you will internalise the learning.

Skills to be acquired

You will put yourself in your collaborator's situation, understanding what he/she feels and even what he/she thinks

Listening skills

You will understand what your colleague is telling you, both explicitly and implicitly

Control of the interview

You will plan the meeting to deal with all the necessary situations

Persuasion and Influence

You will make your collaborator feel that it is possible to carry out your ideas

Conflict management

You will effectively resolve any doubts or complaints that may arise

Clarity in your explanations

You will know how to explain your arguments concisely and clearly

Precise and action oriented

You will ensure that the collaborator understands and shares the actions you propose to meet the objectives

Result oriented

You will be able to lead proposals and negotiations without being invasive or overbearing

Motivation and power generation

Motivate your collaborators to fulfil the tasks you propose to them

  • 1. Introduction to the follow-up interview simulator
  • 2. The follow-up interview process
    • The sequence for improvement
  • 3. Preparation
    • Review your data to learn and contribute
    • Review the action plan and analyse the results to go one step further
    • Calling the meeting: remind your collaborator what the purpose of the interview is
  • 4. Creating context
    • Create a positive attitude towards the analysis of results as an opportunity to improve
    • Create a constructive climate for improvement
  • 5. Review the action plan
    • Review the action plan in the light of the results obtained
    • Review the action plan step-by-step
  • 6. Request for information
    • Analyse processes for improvement
  • 7. Joint analysis of results for improvement
    • Analysis of results looking for the best options for improvement
    • Together with your collaborator, look for the best options in the face of bad results
    • Encourage good practice to optimise change
  • 8. Decision making
    • Decision making to avoid misunderstandings
  • 9. Closing and commitment
    • Keys to end without losing the positive climate created in the interview

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