Aimed at
The course is aimed at anyone who has to do consultative selling.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to detect the needs of clients
  • Master the questioning technique to understand the priorities of the other person
  • Identify different relational profiles and adapt your communication
  • Reinforce benefit selling
  • Effectively manage active listening
  • Master objection handling techniques
  • Successfully close interviews using the most effective techniques
  • Skillfully manage compromising situations
  • Apply the successful technique for obtaining references

First of all, you will learn how to master each of the 6 stages that make up a successful sales interview thanks to content that is as comprehensive as it is entertaining.

Afterwards, you will be able to practice the technique with three clients: Pedro López, who doesn't think he needs life insurance; María Manso, who already has an advice service like the one you offer, with her bank; and Esther Biel, who may already have the product you offer, but with the competition. You will do it with our interactive simulator with artificial intelligence.

You will have to know how to identify the needs of your customers and their relational profile to be able to adapt your messages and make them look favourably on purchasing what you are proposing to them.

This methodology will allow you to add behaviours and arguments in your day-to-day work that will increase your sales ratio.

Skills to be acquired
Politeness and spirit of service

You will put yourself in the customer's shoes, creating a relationship of loyalty and trust

Explanatory communication

You will present the proposals in a clear and organised way so that your client will understand


You will obtain the necessary information to find the best possible solution

Active listening

You will understand the customer's needs by asking relevant questions

Generate trust

You will transmit to the client an image of credibility towards you and the company you represent, even in compromising situations

Handling of objections

You will avoid confrontations and take advantage of discrepancies and doubts to present a shared solution

Commercial orientation and persuasion skills

You will be able to convince your clients to believe in what you tell them

Handling documentation

You will learn to identify the right moments to use documentation to support your pitch

Ability to generate new business

You will be able to get satisfied customers to provide you with references

  • 1. Overview of the sales process
  • 2. The appointment
    • Preparing the appointment call
    • The 10 keys to an appointment call
  • 3. Preparing for the interview
    • How to prepare for your interview
  • 4. Start the interview
    • Keys to making a positive first impression
    • Your company is your calling card
    • Awakening interest in the interview
    • Tactical empathy brings you closer to your client
  • 5. Needs analysis
    • How many needs does your client have?
    • How to detect needs and influence people
    • Quantifying needs
    • What data to ask for when selling a life insurance policy
    • Data analysis. Guiding the person.
    • The steps involved in selling life insurance
  • 6. The importance of giving options
    • The importance of presenting several options to your client
  • 7. The argumentation. Presenting the product
    • Buying benefits, not features
    • Benefits of life insurance
  • 8. Objections
    • Objections bring you closer to the sale
    • How to refute objections effectively
    • Three highly effective techniques for overcoming objections
    • How to overcome the barriers to taking out a life insurance policy
  • 9. Closing the sale
    • Closing the sale has to be earned
    • Some very effective closing techniques
    • Overcoming escape objections at the close
  • 10. References
    • Always ask for references
    • How to ask for references
  • 11. Final summary
    • Let's review the main keys

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Salesperson Insurance Sector
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They teach a very interesting technique.

Consulting firm salesperson
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The avatars are like my clients. It's a lot of fun.

Salesperson Industrial Sector
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The feedback has helped me to correct my mistakes