Aimed at
The course is aimed at telephone advisors, customer service teams and those responsible for managing complaints or incidents.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Respecting the customer's time
  • Keeping promises, being reliable
  • Personalise attention to each customer's situation
  • Connect and generate empathy
  • Taking care of details
  • Always be respectful and friendly
  • Reassure the client
  • Communicate in a comprehensible way
  • React to mistakes
  • Exceed customer expectations

You will start by learning the 9 steps that will enable you to achieve your objectives as a telephone advisor All this in a dynamic and concise content that does not exceed 45 minutes, in small clips of 2-3 minutes.

Once you know the keys that will make you a great advisor, it's time to demonstrate what you have learnt. To do this, you will practice with up to four different clients. Each one of them with their own particular problems: blown fuses, power cuts, breakdowns. Nobody said it was going to be easy, did they?

You will have to adapt to the profile of each of your clients and put into practice what you have learned in order to obtain the highest possible score.

Thanks to our methodology, you will assimilate the learning quickly and easily.

Skills to be acquired
Service orientation

You will put yourself in the customer's shoes, creating a relationship of loyalty and trust

Persuasion and Influence

You will be able to convince your clients to believe in what you tell them

Listening skills

You will understand the customer's needs by asking relevant questions

Clarity in your explanations

You will explain your proposals in a clear and organised way so that your client understands them

Control of the call

You will obtain the necessary information to find the best possible solution

Handling of objections

You will avoid confrontations and take advantage of discrepancies and doubts to present a shared solution

Generate trust

You will transmit to the client an image of credibility towards you and the company you represent, even in compromising situations

  • 1. Introduction to the Customer Service course
  • 2. The greeting. How to make an impact on the client from the very first moment
    • The power of attitude
    • The effective welcome
  • 3. How to personalise the call
    • How to identify the client
    • Different types of client
  • 4. Identifying the client's request
    • The art of asking questions
    • Listening skills
  • 5. Researching effectively
    • Research questions
    • Keeping the client informed
  • 6. How to make the solution proposal
    • Presenting the proposed solution
  • 7. Managing objections effectively
    • Handling the objection
    • Techniques for rebutting objections
  • 8. Conducting the management
    • Keys to instilling trust
  • 9. Rephrasing
    • Keys to conveying messages
  • 10. Farewell and moving on to the survey

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Contact Centre Agent
Rating - Star Rating - Star Rating - Star Rating - Star Rating - Half Star

The metrics are spot on. Congratulations

Insurance Office Advisor
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I no longer fear having to answer claims

Telephone advisor in the electricity sector
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I have never done a course like this . Fantastic