Aimed at
The course is aimed at consultants, sales people, advisors who want to increase their success rate in B2B sales

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Manage a buying process that increases your chances of success
  • Position yourself as a salesperson who adds value and, thus, differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Understand the key elements that impact on closing the sale
  • Influence the buyer to make him decide to change the status quo
  • Obtain the background information needed to make a winning proposal
  • Identify and manage barriers to closing a sale
  • Obtain the internal consensus needed to support your proposal

In the first phase of the course you will discover that closing the sale is not the final stage of the sales process, but is present from the moment you pick up the phone to call your prospective client for the first time. You will learn about each of the 8 milestones you need to meet in order to succeed.

As training, you will have two challenges: to get an HR manager to purchase your courses and to get a school principal to decide to purchase your educational platform. You will use an innovative interactive simulator with artificial intelligence.

Thanks to this methodology, you will quickly internalise the behaviours that will make it easier for you to close sales.

Skills to be acquired
Create connection

You will be able to connect emotionally with the candidate

Focus on the other person

You will ask relevant questions that will allow you to understand the candidate's situation and needs

Persuasive argumentation and ability to generate value

You will master the principles of influence and persuasion, making your candidate trust what you tell them

Control of the process

You will meet all the milestones of the closing of the sale and ensure the prospective client understands the value of each one

Managing doubts and objections

You will know the prospective client's fears and resolve them in a professional manner

  • 1. Your prospective client only wants conversations that add value
  • 2. Prepare for the sale
  • 3. These pre-sales actions will improve your sales ratio
  • 4. You must train these 4 skills
  • 5. How do we buy?
  • 6. The importance of connecting emotionally with your prospective client
  • 7. Master these principles of influence
  • 8. The 8 milestones you must overcome
  • 9. You have to exchange their time for your value
  • 10. Milestone 1: get the process off to a good start, engage with your prospective client
    • You have to exchange value for time
    • Know the triggers that open doors for you
    • Some tips to improve your effectiveness in the process of prospection
  • 11. Milestone 2: Know your candidate's needs and ambitions and create a reason for change
    • You face two types of buyers
    • The status quo is your main enemy
    • Generating interest is not enough. You must create a reason to change
    • Does my candidate want to change?
    • How do I know whether or not what is in front of me is a real opportunity?
    • The importance of being able to connect with your prospective client
  • 12. Milestone 3: jointly building the value proposition
  • 13. Milestone 4: create the necessary consensus
    • Identify the consensus group for your project
    • Create the necessary consensus
  • 14. Milestone 5: ensure availability of time and budget and know the authority over the decision
  • 15. Milestone 6: review the proposal before submitting it
  • 16. Milestone 7: identify and resolve all doubts
  • 17. Milestone 8: close the sale

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Publishing Sector Salesperson
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The report they deliver at the end is very complete

Financial Advisor
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I have never taken such an impressive course.

Consulting firm salesperson
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I found the realism of the avatars amazing.