Aimed at
The course is aimed at anyone who has to manage teams.

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Succeed in making your collaborator receptive to the objectives
  • Translating the organisation's objectives into SMART objectives
  • Agreeing with your collaborator on the actions needed to achieve results
  • Handling unexpected situations during the interview and getting the conversation back on track
  • Obtain the necessary commitment from your collaborator

The course consists of two distinct parts. In the first, you will learn how to approach each of the six stages that make up a good goal-setting interview, thanks to a best-practice explanation that lasts no longer than 60 minutes.

To test what you have learnt, you will have to conduct two interviews: one with Raúl and the other with Alicia, two of your collaborators. You have called them to a meeting in which you are going to tell them about this year's objectives.

Each collaborator has a different relational style, so you will have to pay attention to the clues they give you. Their motivations and priorities are also different, just like in real life.

To get a good score, you will have to apply the technique you have learnt and adapt it to the situations you encounter during the interview.

This methodology will allow you to learn by practising, the best way to internalise new concepts and behaviours.

Skills to be acquired

You will put yourself in your collaborator's situation, understanding what he/she feels and even what he/she thinks

Listening skills

You will understand what your colleague is telling you, both explicitly and implicitly

Control of the interview

You will plan the meeting to deal with all the necessary situations

Motivational skills

You will get your collaborator involved in the achievement of the objectives

Barrier management

You will effectively resolve any doubts or complaints that may arise

Result oriented

You will make it easier for the collaborator to achieve the objectives, making the efforts joint and common

Action oriented

You will ensure that the collaborator understands and shares the actions you propose to meet the objectives

  • 1. Introduction to the goal-setting interview simulator
  • 2. The process: the phases of a winning interview
  • 3. Preparation: without the right groundwork, there are no results
    • Organise all the information: ensure your success at the interview
    • SMART objectives: smart objectives to generate maximum engagement
    • The calling of the meeting: create the basis for a good interview
  • 4. Setting the context: all that begins well ends well
    • Establish the rules of the game
    • Create a positive atmosphere for both of you to be at your best
  • 5. Current situation: Why give meaning to the objectives set?
    • Without knowing where we are, it is difficult to know where to go
  • 6. The SMART methodology: achieve the desired impact on your collaborator
    • The keys to getting the employee to take ownership of the objectives
  • 7. Managing barriers: the importance of overcoming doubts
    • The barrier management technique
  • 8. The ultimate action plan: its key elements
    • Obtain emotional commitment
  • 9. Closure and commitment: don't spoil everything at the last minute
    • Closing and commitment: keys to ending the interview successfully

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I found it very interesting and useful

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