Aimed at
The course is aimed at anyone who needs to conduct job interviews

After this course, you will be able to:

  • How to prepare for an interview to gain confidence and avoid improvisations
  • The keys to success at every stage of the interview
  • How to succeed with first impressions
  • How to convincingly answer difficult questions about: education, experience, interest in the job, skills, etc.
  • How to deal successfully with the issue of financial conditions
  • The keys to a good farewell - how to avoid blunders

The first thing you will do is learn the keys to a successful interview An instructor and plenty of examples will make this first stage enjoyable and entertaining.

In order to put what you have learnt into practice, you will then have to conduct two interviews The first with a Recruitment Technician and the second with your potential boss The realism of the experience will make you learn as if the interview were real.

After each interview, you will receive precise feedback and you will be able to observe your successes and mistakes.

With our methodology, you will learn by practising, which is the best way to assimilate new behaviours.

Skills to be acquired

You will learn how to put yourself in the other person's shoes: to listen, to understand other people's thoughts and feelings, to understand other people's concerns

Stress management and self-control

You will learn how to keep your own emotions under control in the face of provocation, opposition or hostility from others. You will also develop resilience when under constant stress.


You will be able to demonstrate that you can act proactively and do not wait for problems to solve themselves

Ability to adapt

You will demonstrate the ability to adapt to any situation or work group. To do this, you must understand points of view that do not coincide with your own, know how to approach ideas depending on the situation you are in and be able to accept changes that may occur both in the company and in the position you hold.

Impact and influence

You will demonstrate your ability to persuade and convince others to contribute to the achievement of your objectives.

Ability to synthesise

You will learn to identify key points in complex situations You will demonstrate creative, reflective and abstract reasoning in order to convert complex ideas into understandable ones.

  • 1. The job interview
    • Introduction
  • 2. Types of interviews and interviewers
    • Types of interviews (I)
    • Types of interviews (II)
    • Types of interviewers
  • 3. The structure of the job interview
    • Introduction
    • 1 - Preparation phase
    • 2 - Presentation phase
    • 3 - Development phase
    • 4 - Farewell phase
    • 5 - Recap phase
  • 4. Preparation
    • Introduction
    • Getting to know the company
    • Conveying confidence to the interviewer
    • What is the ideal profile?
    • Reviewing the CV
    • The importance of image
    • The main rules of conduct
    • Supporting documents
    • Training your answers
  • 5. The presentation
    • Introduction
    • The first impression
  • 6. The development
    • Introduction
    • Rules to be observed
    • How to carry it out
    • Questions about your education
    • Questions about your experience
    • Questions about your interest in the job
    • Questions about your skills
    • Questions about your future
    • Questions about your availability
    • Questions about your salary conditions
    • Surprise questions
  • 7. The farewell
    • Introduction
    • Don't be left with any doubts
    • Thank you
    • Be optimistic
    • Always on the alert
  • 8. The recap
    • Introduction
    • And after the interview, what?
    • Before you start practising
  • 9. Before you start practising

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My skills have improved
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Applicable to my job
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Chemical Engineering Graduate
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I have gained confidence in interviews

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The practice with interviewers is the best. They are very real.

Business Administration graduate
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It has helped me to be calmer in interviews. I give it a 10